Advanced weight loss formula

Easy-to-use food supplement that helps to accelerate metabolism, speeding up the burning of accumulated fats and working to remove retained fluids. 2slim&beauty. Advanced is an all-natural product which help toning up the body and maintaining a healthy and balanced weight.

90% of the overweight cases are associated with bad eating habits.
The products we buy in the supermarkets contain artificial preservatives, flavorings and dyes. These chemical components cause digestive problems, fat deposition.

Your body needs an assistant!

Commentary by a dietician specialist:
In order to begin the body cleanse, the perfect intake is one measuring cup of 15ml of 2Slim&beauty Advanced in the morning before having anything to eat. You will quickly feel the difference - after one week your weight will begin to decrease, gastric and digestive problems will disappear. Which could only make us happy! The uniqueness of the product hides among the all-natural herbal ingredients that are also much more effective and safer compared to chemical compounds. The combination of pure marine collagen, forskolin, ginger, artichoke and apple pectin are considered a real gift – especially when it comes to slimming down those few unwanted pounds – because the rich complex can easily slim down the fat in every problem area within several days of using.
Doctor Alexandra Vishnevska M.D

can be used by both men and women if they are seeking the way to effective weight loss. The formula is completely natural and does not contain any harmful ingredients. Over the years 2Slim&beauty Advanced has been proven to work efficiently and is just waiting for YOU to try it yourself!

100% natural ingredients, pure ecological product.


 It does not affect the heart or the nervous system.

Direct effect on body fat.
With no side effects.

The key to optimal weight loss is 2Slim&beauty Advanced and its secret hides in the unique ingredients.

 2slim&beauty Advanced contains pure marine collagenforskolin extract, ginger extract, artichoke extract and apple pectine which efficiently stimulates the breakdown of fat

Collagen: The intake of Collagen facilitates detoxification because it is especially suited for cleansing the body from slags and toxins and reducing fat deposits under the skin. This helps for a much balanced weight and the reduce of cellulite.

Pure helps you to lose weight. Pure forskolin supplement helps in fighting obesity and weight gain. It is proven that the Coleus forskoli extract in combination with a low-calorie diet can be useful for counteracting weight-gain due to metabolitic issuesForskolin induces fat destruction and prevents from gaining weight.

Artichoke Extract - Helps improving the digestive tract, improves digestion and regulates the hunger. This leads to a better management of the infection and more effective fat.

Apple pectin helps intestinal activity, balancing blood sugar levels and lowering cholesterol levels, speeding up metabolism, and detoxifying action.

Ginger Extract: Ginger roots is the best remedy for purifying the body and losing weight. Ginger spreads blood vessels and helps blood circulation and is also on of the most powerful antioxidants.

How Does 2slim&beauty Advanced Work?

  • It normalizes the hormonal balance in your body;
  • it will regulate the metabolic processes in your body that will help strengthen your hair, skin and nails;
  • will normalize and speed up your metabolism naturally;
  • your body will effectively digest carbohydrates and fats so you wan`t gain extra pounds;
  • it will lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL), regulate the function of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • help your body boost fat burning by thermogenesis and reduce fat cells as well as detoxify your body as a whole;

What result to expect
By drinking one measuring cup of 2Slim Advanced of 15ml per day your body and the way you feel about it will change completely.
to- 0.5kg per DAY, to - 3.5kg PER WEEK, to - 10-12kg PER MONTH cleanse your body from harmful substances, get rid of excess water in your body, get rid of stomach problems and start a new better and healthier way of living.

Completely safe product
 Under control of European Food Safety Authority-EFSA(BFSA). It does not affect cardiovascular and nervous systems. This is not a medicine and will not cure or prevent a disease.


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